Author: Mary Doube.

Let's be honest…our BONES lack the sexiness of our other body parts like our "Gut" or "Muscles" - There is so much buzz around gut health at the moment - it's time "the skeleton" got some paparazzi too.

Our skeleton is not just the "Coat Hanger" where bits hang! The skeleton plays a crucial role in providing mobility & support for our bodies and most importantly, is a storage centre for minerals.

STRONG BONES are crucial as we move into the next phase of our fabulous lives.

Here's why….by the time we hit 40, less bone is made… and worse still, loss of bone mass is accelerated every decade after that. The total mass reduces by an estimate of 30-40% by the age of 70. So scary! The problem is, unfortunately, it's too late to do something about it when you hit your 60-70"s and bone density can get so low that even something as simple as sneezing can break a rib! So, unfortunately, we say HELLO to Osteoporosis.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is when bones lose strength and break easily, often following a minor bump or fall. These broken bones are most common in the wrists, hips and spine and are often referred to as 'fragility fractures'. The statistics are scary.... 1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to poor bone health.

As a woman, we have a double whammy - Estrogen loss as we go through Menopause causes additional limitations on bone development and makes it even harder to maintain STRONG BONES. The bad news, my loves … women can lose 5% of their bone mineral density per year during the transition to Menopause!

So what do we do?

There is good news….you can take action and create bone-boosting lifestyle habits now to improve your future skeleton:

Add Bone "Creators" to your diet

• Resistance Training - Bone cells benefit most from short bursts of weight-bearing activity. When force is exerted on bone, fluid flows across bone cells, which triggers them to release chemicals that break down and rebuild bone in response. - Aviiana Workouts are a great example! 35mins (sometimes less), three times a week, is a solid start to maintaining healthy bones. No need to run and walk for hours, ladies!

• Calcium – a non-negotiable 700mg of Calcium a day: best source is dairy or beans, lentils, tofu, tahini, plus dark green vegetables.

• Add Vitamin D-rich foods to help you absorb the Calcium: the best source is oily fish & eggs.

• Enough Protein -2 to 3 daily portions to allow bone remodelling and to provide you with the Phosphorus and Zinc your bones need.

• Dark Greens & Prunes: Kale, Rocket, Broccoli Watercress and Brussels Sprouts are brilliant sources of Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin K. Indulge in the littlest of dynamos, Prunes – named a "skeletal superfood". Providing more Vitamin K than most fruits, it's thought they act on the cell-signalling pathways that lead to bone formation.

Limit "Bone Busters" to your diet

• Caffeine – A study found that consuming 800mg of caffeine a day (4 espresso shots) caused a 77% increase in Calcium in the urine – that morning coffee is weeing that beautiful, healthy bone away!

• Alcohol – Many studies have shown if you increase your alcohol intake, you reduce your bone formation, as well as deficiencies in mineral content. My suggestion is to keep alcohol to a minimum if any at all!

• Sleep - New studies have shown bone cells follow a 24-hour circadian pattern, with bone generation at its peak in the early morning hours. Therefore, sleep is a significant factor, and sleeping disturbance can harm bone health.

My personal transformation saw me increase my bone density in only one year, and I am constantly asked how I made that change. That's why I created the  The Aviiana Wellness App, I am now obsessed with helping women build stronger bones and beating Osteoporosis, and helping women get their strong minds and body back. So do yourself a favour and say "no" to Osteoporosis by downloading my Menopause –focused App – Strong Formula, today (available on Apple/ Google Play).

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