Swiish Beauty Buzz Adaptogenic Collagen Coffee


Focus, reduce stress, and elevate your everyday. Beauty Buzz Adaptogenic Collagen Coffee is a 100% all-natural adaptogen-fortified collagen coffee designed to level up your everyday. Scientifically created to help improve cognitive function and mental clarity, support stress, and help regulate your nervous system.

Plus, it's boosted with the highest-grade hydrolysed collagen to support skin strength, hydration, and elasticity. In a single-serve of Beauty Buzz, the carefully formulated coffee-to-adaptogen ratio means that the caffeine, collagen, and all-natural adaptogens will work to synergistically supercharge your wellbeing from the inside, out. And did we mention the taste? It's French vanilla – soooo delicious!


— Sustained energy, focus and mental clarity
— Helps elevate cognitive function
— Supports stress adaption 
— Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing
— Promotes skin strength, elasticity and hydration
— Hydrolysed collagen with over 95% bioavailability
— No post-caffeine energy crash and jitters


Add 1 teaspoon to at least ½ cup of hot water or warm milk and stir well. Sweeten if desired.


Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Peptides (2500mg per serve), Brazilian Freeze-Dried Coffee, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT Oil), Monk Fruit, Vanilla Bean, Guarana Extract, Organic Cacao, Siberian Ginseng Extract. CONTAINS CAFFEINE. 

Packed in a facility that processes products containing gluten, wheat, milk, fish, soy, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts.

♻︎ All SWIISH packaging can be recycled in your normal household recycling. 


What we leave out: 
Free from gluten, dairy, lactose, soy and nuts. No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

What does it taste like?
BEAUTY BUZZ has a delicious French vanilla–infused coffee flavour.

What are adaptogens? 
Adaptogens are natural, highly powerful, compounds that help your body adapt to stress (both mentally and physically). Beyond this, they each have further targeted benefits such as immune support, aiding cognitive function, energy enhancement — the list goes on. The blend of adaptogens in BEAUTY BUZZ are utilised specifically for focus, mental clarity and reducing stress.

What does hydrolysed collagen mean?
The collagen used in BEAUTY BUZZ has been through a process known as hydrolysis whereby long–chain amino acids have been broken down using water into smaller molecular components called small–chain amino acids. As a result, it is now soluble in water and highly absorbed by the body when consumed. The common term for this is “bioavailability”. These small–chain amino acids (also known as peptides) are absorbed by the body to help regenerate lost collagen such as the collagen that occurs naturally in the deepest layers of the skin known as the dermis. This in turn helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines caused by ageing, resulting in skin that’s plumper and healthier in appearance.

What is bovine collagen?
The bovine collagen used in BEAUTY BUZZ is Type 1 Hydrolysed Collagen, from beef.

Where does your collagen come from? Are the cows grass-fed?
Our internationally renowned collagen manufacturer ensures our product is produced to the highest quality and scientific standards. The cows used for the collagen in BEAUTY BUZZ are responsibly fed on grass in Europe for the majority of the year. However there are times when the grass is not plentiful enough to keep them happy and sustained, and as such, they can be supplemented with non–GMO grains.

Can I have it while pregnant or breastfeeding?
We don’t recommend BEAUTY BUZZ during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can I take it with other medications?
BEAUTY BUZZ is all–natural and it contains nothing artificial, however, we are unable to provide exact advice on whether it is safe to consume whilst taking other specific medications. As everyone’s situation is different, we recommend that you check with your healthcare professional to see if this powder would be beneficial for you. Please refer to the nutritional information & ingredients list. 

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