“Strong Formula aims to use Food to turn back the clock by building STRONG from the inside out”

The Strong Formula program believes no change will alter your life as profoundly as changing what you eat. Our nutrition plan chooses foods based on a single criteria - their ability to positively impact your health and well-being. What this means for our Strong formula members is eliminating processed food from your diet for 6 weeks. You will indulge a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, good fats and quality proteins. For many people this means removing added sugars and industrial oils( as well as most grains, dairy, and alcohol) from their diet while adding foods from natural sources. You will experience changes in energy levels, body composition, and common health makers.

The aim of the Food Pillar:

  • Create sustainable long term healthy eating habits without the stress and guilt.
  • Streamline metabolic processes - your body/mind will love you.
  • Radiate from the inside out - feel better, look better
  • Eat fresh vegetables, good quality protein, nuts and seeds, some starch/grains, little dairy and no refined sugar MOST of the time
  •  Indulge in your favourite treats SOMETIMES and enjoy every minute of it
  • Create better blood, reduce the risk of illness
  • To be more in control,  learn balance and moderation 

You start the day with a clean slate - 0 points. Every time you consume an item on the “Non compliant” list you lose 1 point for that item. Tally your days as you go. Note your score for the day - post the score in the Facebook group if you wish. Your goal is to complete everyday with a score of 0. Every Sunday you must post your weekly score in the Facebook group·  You must not exceed 11 points!

The 6-week plan includes

  • My Compliant & Non -Compliant Food Group list 
  • Examples of my daily food menus 
  •  An accountability system for your nutrition using a unique demerit point system