Hi Sistas,

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my AMAZING coaches and your additional secret weapons.

These incredible women have been by my side in the background providing the most incredible support to my community. Without them I would be LOST, and now you can have access to them too.

Your Support Coaches!

Katie Lyons 

Certified Precision Nutrition Coach 

Katie will educate you on all thing's nutrition, good food choices and so much more.  Her recipes are YUM and will support your Aviiana journey and beyond.  

Katie is a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach.


Nicole Monteforte 

Reinvention and Stress Management Coach

Nicole has been through it all and is on a mission to support women manage stress, anxiety and reinvent themselves as they head into the next amazing chapter of life.

Nicole has a Bachelor's Degree of Physical Education, Certified Level IV Fitness, Foundation in Counselling Certificate, Certificate in Transcendental Meditation.

Are you a woman over 40, and starting to feel those biological changes?



Are you sick of feeling down and out & so busy all the time or at the bottom of the pecking order?



This is your opportunity to make that change and let me and my amazing coaches support you to feel STRONG again.


The time is NOW for you to make a change. 




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