Vegan Faux Mink Lashes - Santorini


Silk Oil of Morocco Faux Mink Lashes have been designed to be used in conjunction with the Silk Oil of Morocco Strong Hold Lash Bond Liner

This lash application involves No Glue, No Magnets, No Mess with Zero Dry Time. A Bidirectional Film Forming Technology creates a re-stickable ultra-strong bond, ensuring your lashes stay put all day whilst making readjustments easy. Silk Faux Mink Lashes are 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free and offer a luxurious full finish with both subtle and dramatic styles available to cover all occasions. Enjoy an ultra-lightweight feel and the confidence secure

lash all day! Plus, store and re-use your lashes multiple times in your Silk Faux Mink Lash mirror compact case. SANTORINI Lash Style Specs: