Micropause So Mush Support


You deserve to feel like a SHERO again. Our foundational 10-functional mushrooms-in-1 gummy will get you there.

Why this is for you

Hormonal changes in perimenopause and menopause trigger a storm of debilitating physiological body/brain/mood disruptions. Our powerhouse 10-mushroom complex addresses most all of them: Cognition, Brain Health, Anxiety Relief, Sustained Focus, Increased Energy, Gut Health and Immunity Support.

How to use

Take two gummies daily, with or without food, at any time of the day. Boost the benefits by taking with GIRLS GONE MILD.


Mushroom Extract Blend  Consisting of: Maitake Fruiting Body 10: Extract, Shiitake Fruiting Body 10:1 Extract, Lion's Mane Fruiting Body 10:1 Extract (Hericium erinaceus), Reishi Fruiting Body 10:1 Extract, Cordyceps Fruiting Body 10: Extract, Chaga Fruiting Body 10:1 Extract, Turkey Tails Fruiting Body 10:1 Extract, White Button Mushroom Fruiting Body 10: Extract (Agaricus bisporus), Black Fungus Fruiting Body 10:1 Extract (Auricularia auricula-judae), and Royal Sun Mushroom Fruiting Body 10:1 Extract (Agaricus subrufescens).

Other ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, dextrose, pectin, citric acid, natural raspberry flavor, sodium citrate, purple carrot juice concentrate, and palm oil (contains carnauba wax).