“The Strong Formula program believes you are what you think,

most of the time”

Unfortunately stress is an outcome of modern life, we all generate it or face it from time to time . Some more than others. Your thoughts and emotions can affect your overall health. They impact not only your emotional state but can affect our bodies, behaviour and relationships. The Strong Formula program will explore the most common stresses women face today and provide a program to guide, motivate and support women to set goals to overcome them and smash them.  The aim is to build STRONG from the outside in using movement and nutrition to building STRONG from the inside to out! The program values the importance of overall health and sustainable lifestyle changes and provides the flexibility to allow women to prioritise their transformation in their busy lives in order to create lasting habits.

Say goodbye to Negativity! Negative attitudes and feelings of helplessness can create chronic stress and fatigue which upsets the body's hormone balance, depletes the brain chemicals required for happiness, and damages the immune system. You will be empowered to harness the power within to change your attitude from a “I cant” to a “Can do” and change your mindset to make better decisions for yourself.

Common Stresses/Issues facing todays busy women

Making you Number 1

The commitment to honouring and prioritising your wellness, over everything and everyone else that consistently demands your time and attention, (when the reality is you need to do this so you can care for others too)

Self Belief

The self belief that you can do this and follow through to transformation


The emotional fatigue of the ‘busy-ness of life’ as a mature woman that manifests itself into physical fatigue and lack of motivation and focus. We need to create Life Balance and learn to start small and begin to build from there.

Self Importance

Feeling lack of worthiness of the cost and time commitment when responsible for the caring duties and costs in a family dynamic

 Ageing Gracefully

The contradiction of ageing gracefully- how far do you go without looking like you are trying too hard? 


The fear of ageing fuelling self doubt and the concern of health worries that develop in your 40s and 50s and beyond. This reality hits hard emotionally with the physical toll and can feel like a downhill slide to being elderly, something you hadn’t really considered for yourself until feeling unwell with new health complications at 50. 


Reflecting on where your own mother was at health and fitness wise at your age. The comparison can feed anxiety if she was not well, in my instance my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer and only lived to 64 which was a fight for life the whole time. 


There is a certain power to being truly committed to something. When you tap into the “Come what may! Nothing can stop me!” power that you have within you, its amazing what changes that you can make. Whether its improving your sleep or any other area of your life, challenges may occur, but you’ll always find a way to make it through them by harnessing your power to choose. The power of nutrition, exercise and sleep. You literally get to decide what you make your cells and tissues out of. Your decisions about what you put on your plate are not just impacting you; they are impacting every part of you. The power is in your hands. You need to find out what drives you then harness that energy

The Hustle

We have to hustle for everything - hard work pays off.


Part of the reason people have sleeping or anxiety problems is they are fixated on the things they haven't done and what they don't have. Our "negativity bias" means that we spend too much time deliberating over the minor frustrations we experience—bad traffic or a disagreement with a loved one— and ignore the many chances we have to experience wonder, awe, and gratitude throughout the day. Chances are you are far more fortunate than you realise and that you may have gotten out of touch with just how much you have to be grateful for.

Inner Strength and Positivity

Be strong in every sense of the word. To be empowered and broaden our perspective of the world. The importance of positive emotions to create lasting emotional resilience. The emotional benefits of positivity include faster recovery from cardiovascular stress, better sleep, reduced sickness, greater sense of overall happiness. A positive attitude can be developed ourselves with tools and practice —A positive attitude comes with feelings of playfulness, gratitude, awe, love, interest, serenity, and feeling connected to others—this has a direct impact on health and wellbeing.