“Resistance matters in the Strong Formula program - STRONG IS THE NEW NOW!"

The Strong Formula Program makes fitness a habit by providing solid workout routines that  keep you coming back. Based on Strong Coach Mary’s love of Crossfit, the Strong Formula program includes a tailored “at home” strength and conditioning program.  The workouts will include a warmup, workout of the day and a cool down. These are workouts you can do at home, at the gym or outside at your favorite park.

All you have to do is tune in to Facebook every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,  follow the video coaching conducted by Strong Coach Mary, which gives you visual form tips, or save the video and press play, then simply follow along. You can also pause the workout at any time. Before you know it, you’ve completed your workout!

The aim of the Movement Pillar:

  • protect your joints from injury by improved muscle strength and tone
  • create flexibility, balance, mobility, core strength, and posture and remain a maverick for life
  • increase muscle-to-fat ratio, the more muscle you have the more Kjs you burn at rest.
  • increase bone density and strength and reduced risk of osteoporosis.
  • Build greater stamina as you grow stronger, you won’t get tired as easily.

The 6 week program includes:

  • 3 x 35 min workouts a week via Facebook. A total of 18 workouts over 6 weeks to be undertaken anywhere you like.
  • Using 2 x dumbbells and a rope