In May of 2021 I released my book “Queen Menopause”, a book I was driven to write due to my own major health challenges with Menopause and the lack of support and information around this topic. Gratefully I can now say we have come a long way, though Australia can still do better with funding and support on this topic, hence the creation of Aviiana.

It was at one of my book events that a statuesque, gorgeous Greek Goddess asked for a photo and to sign my book. She said she was already in the Menopause industry teaching her program to thousands of women to feel strong and confident. This was of course Mary, founder of Strong Formula and the mind and energy behind Aviiana.

Mary is the most persuasive and enigmatic person I know; you can’t help but be swept up in her drive and enthusiasm and that energy she applies with laser focus to menopause and helping women.

Long story short, Mary asked me if I’d be interested in co-founding a bigger and better platform with everything we could possibly think of to support women not only in Menopause but just women in general to feel better. Meanwhile I had the honour of continuing my book tour, talking with women from country towns to the city, interviewing incredible people in the medical and wellness field and learning even more about this topic. I knew I wanted to do more than write a book. I knew women were suffering, often silently about their experience. So, when Mary came along, I jumped in with both feet!

With my experience of menopause, I had to make friends with not only my symptoms but my entire new and ever-changing body. Holding menopauses hand and saying, “ok we are going through this together. I will deal with each symptom as it arises. I will make the best of this time and love myself through this.

Women do get through this time anyway, somehow or another and often realise “hey look at me now” “look at who I have become”. 

It can all be the precursor to living our lives in a real positive way.

Change also means revolution.

I love that, that menopause is our own personal revolution for our mind and body.

I would love for you to think of the idea of leveraging menopause. Use it. Use it to fuel a fire of change for yourself.

We have been so disempowered by menopause HOW DO WE LEVERAGE IT?

Become a rebel, if you're not already, be angry about what society tells us about women, especially women over a certain age. Anger is ok, when used in a positive way, anger is a meaningful force for change. Do not buy into the “what you should dress like, feel like think like at “Your Age”. 

Discover yourself. 

There is nothing like menopause to make you the explorer of yourself, what you want and need and have to have. 

Do you need more sleep? More time for yourself, more time with friends

What can you put in action, what are you discovering about who you are becoming as a woman as you age? What is it about you that you are discovering about who you are becoming that is fabulous about you? 

I’m here to tell you, in fact, implore you, we deserve better, we deserve support, we deserve to be heard and to feel good in our body No more putting up with pain.

Enough, ok, what do we do?

That’s why we created Aviiana, we want to help you.

Growth is uncomfortable because we’ve never been here before - we've never been this version of ourselves. Women are amazing at being adaptable. So, let’s give ourselves all the grace and empathy we deserve.

Ali xoxo 

P.S. Dont forget that our first group is starting on 19 February, join the Aviiana Wellness Program today.

Ali Daddo and Mary Doube, when Ali met Mary

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