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2022 – what a hell of a year but we pushed through! Now, time to enjoy the festive season.

Hard to admit most times, but we tend to put so much pressure on ourselves around Christmas, like trying to hit a weight loss goal and feeling guilty to go out and enjoy some beverages. Isn’t Christmas hard enough?


Let's be honest, who the heck wants to be tracking their food over Christmas? 

I encourage you to do the best you can during this busy time and not stress about it too much. If you focus on these little things, then you won't feel guilty for enjoying yourself. I'd rather you relax a little and start January with a fresh new mindset. ROCK SOLID.


Think about having something set in stone so you can get straight into it. If you don’t know how to face the holiday season with the right mindset and approach towards food and fitness, feel free to chat with me via Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. I’d be more than happy to help you!

In the meantime, here are my top 4 tips to help you genuinely enjoy festive season:

Get ready for bumps in the roads ⚡️

Executing your plan may be easier said than done. For instance, buffet-style meals whilst staying in hotels on holidays or at all those summer BBQs can be particularly challenging for many people as there are no clear boundaries to stop you from overeating. If holiday events are difficult for you, chances are you’ll fall victim to the same traps over and over again.

Do you skimp too much on dinner then lose it at the dessert table? Do you eat a dozen dips/cheese/crackers before the real meal even starts?

Try to anticipate these obstacles and set up an alternative course of action. In the buffet example, the sheer number of options can often overwhelm our better judgment. Avoid this by committing beforehand to only eating one (satisfying) plate of food. When it is time to serve yourself, examine the entire table of options before making your decisions, then choose the tastiest items you can find that are as healthy as possible. Once you’ve made your selections, eat them slowly and mindfully. Setting up your alternative plan before the event prevents you from having to make decisions in the heat of the moment and reduces your reliance on willpower.

Be reasonable ⚡️

When planning your attack and anticipating the obstacles, it is absolutely essential that you are realistic about the situation and your abilities, or your plan will certainly fail. I don’t know anybody who can make it through multiple hours of drinking on nothing but raw carrots and celery, so don’t make that your goal. Be smart about your strategy and honest about your limitations, and make sure that your plan will work in reality, not just in theory. If you feel like you’re guessing about what your options will be, try to find out more about the event itself and what to expect. If you aren’t confident about your ability to execute the best plan you can think of, consider recruiting a friend for more ideas and moral support!

Execute the 80/20 rule ⚡️

Eliminating unintentional and totally not-worth-it splurges is a huge part of winning the holiday game. But even then, there’s a lot of extra sugar to contend with. That’s why during the holidays, it is more important than ever to lean on the 80/20 rule — a fundamental principle of the Aviiana Wellness Program (formerly known as Strong Formula). Eat clean 80% of the time! If you have enough impactful habits, you should normally be able to get away with doing “most of them, most of the time” and maintain your weight and health. This is the best possible thing you can use your willpower on during the holiday period.

Keep Moving ⚡️

Don’t be afraid to change your goals slightly so they fit into YOUR lifestyle over Christmas, particularly when it comes to activity. I want you to keep moving, ladies! Aim to walk every day, do some stretching or better still a workout here and there. 

To help you further, here’s my FREE AVIIANA WELLNESS PROGRAM E-BOOK using no equipment, done ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. 

I want you to spend the next few weeks setting some really good goals as you get ready for the new year. It’s time to have fun and enjoy the season without letting menopause get in the way, because guess what?

It's going to be YOUR YEAR!

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