Menopause Tea



Est. in 2016, Menopause Tea Hot Flush Tea is a certified organic caffeine-free herbal tea made of the 5 recommended herbs for all symptoms and stages of menopause. Each herb individually plays an integrated part throughout your body alleviating hot flushes, sleepless nights, anxiety, fatigue, stress, period pain, brain fog and joint pains.



Black Cohosh

Wild Yam


Withania Indian Ginseng

Red Clover

Black Cohosh reduces hot flushes and the occurrence, intensity and duration.

Wild Yam is a phytoestrogen that minics the effects of estrogen in the body.

Skullcap supports a calm state of mind.

Withania Indian Ginseng promotes healthy sleep cycles, reduces stresses and anxiety.

Red Clover is linked to regulate temperature, stronger bones and reduce the frequency hot hot flushes.



Menopause Tea for alleviating:

· Hot Flushes

· Sleepless Nights

· Anxiety

· Brain Fog

· Joint Pains

· Period pains

· Cramping


Benefits for the world:

· Bio Degradable natural pyramid tea bags

· Supports local disadvantaged employment

· % of sales donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia


You can enjoy Menopause Tea hot or as an iced tea. Our recommendation is two cups before bed and one at 10am daily. This routine allows our body to repair as it rests.

Place one pyramid tea bag in a cup.

Add boiling water and steep for 3-4 minutes.

Desired strength light yellow. Add a drip of honey or a slice of lemon to flavour

As abundance of herbs it serves 2 cups per tea bag.

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients. Australian owned.



Q: Can I consume Menopause Tea with other medications?

A: Please take a picture of the ingredients and consult your specialists/healthcare


Q: What age group can consume Menopause Tea?

A: Teenagers to mature citizens. We are having results of mothers giving their teenage

daughters a cup of tea a week before their period starts, cramping disappearing.

Rosie and her friends are sleeping better in the nursing home.

Q: What does the menopause tea taste like?

A: It has an earthy flavour.

Q: How can I consume menopause tea if I’m a coffee drinker?

A: Women have reported they shot glasses the tea.

Q: How many tea bags are in a box?

A: 10 tea bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kathy Kelly
Better Sleep Less Flushes

This tea worked to reduce my hot flushes in just a few days. I had fewer flushes and they didn't seem so intense or last as long. This of course massively helps in getting a better night's sleep. I noticed the tea seemed to reduce bloating too which was a bonus! It tastes lovely and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to relieve menopause symptoms.

Menopause Tea success

Can't recommend this tea highly enough. Have been hot flushing for 12 months. Started having the tea twice a day and by day 5 hot flushes stopped.
Not had one in the 4 months since. So grateful.

Testimonial for a brilliant tea

Can't recommend this tea highly enough. Have been hot flushing for 12 months. Started having the tea twice a day and by day 5 hot flushes stopped.
Not had one in the 4 months since. So grateful.
Tracey XXX

Crazy times

If it wasn't for this Menopause Tea Im not sure how I wouldn’t have got through all the crazy. It was fabulous relief & comfort for me when I was struggling on where to put myself, as I navigated the Menopause change.
So thank you. Good luck & Congratulations. Give it a try!


I can't tell you how much better I am feeling. By the second night of drinking your tea I had the best sleep I've had since going off HRT five months ago. So awesome not waking up during the night feeling so drenched as if I've just stepped out of the shower!
I think my daytime hot flushes have calmed down as well - not as fully blown or frequent as they were. Congratulations on a great product! Thanks so much for handing on a box to Sharna To give to me. I really appreciate it. My husband is extremely grateful too coz he's sleeping better as well without me tossing and turning and throwing blankets off and on all night. Exciting times are ahead for you I'm sure as well as good times for lots of women out there.