Aviiana Wellness Program + Meno Belly Tea



Combine Meno Belly Tea with the Aviiana Wellness Program to achieve the best results!

Meno Belly - Weight Loss Tea

A sophisticated herbal remedy aiding menopausal weight loss.

Caffeine free herbal tea. 7 tea bags per box. 


Heather Flowers - Certified Organic (Bosnia) 1.2g


Why you need the Aviiana Wellness Program

Menopause Doesn’t Have To Be SO Hard!

Reclaim your health and happiness with a non-hormonal method that alleviates symptoms fast.

Aviiana Wellness App is a natural, non-hormonal approach to alleviate menopause symptoms. Our interactive platform optimises the 5 critical areas of your health: Activity, Attitude, Food, Breath And Sleep. Every day you are guided through a new lesson and supported by a coach, while you track your progress and connect with other amazing women just like you.  In other words… It's a proven way to help you get fitter, manage weight gain, sleep better and feel fantastic (without the risks of HRT!). Get your workouts, nutrition plans, sleep course, and breathing protocols, and learn how to build a CAN DO mindset in just 12 weeks.